Forensic Accounting Experts Drive Integrity in Wyomissing and Vicinity

Seasoned professionals assist Berks County clients with a variety of value-adding services

If Berks County, Pennsylvania is going to experience a renaissance, it might very well start in Wyomissing. While Reading, the seat of Berks County, struggles to attract new businesses, this up-and-coming borough is showing how it’s done. Years ago, the borough built a number of office parks at the crossroads of U.S. Routes 422 and 222, not far from the Reading Regional Airport. Those parks are now occupied by major concerns that have relocated their headquarters or regional offices. Their employees now work in modern facilities while enjoying the benefits of life in a quaint small town. Over the last 20 years, Wyomissing has set the standard for job creation in Southeastern Pennsylvania, starting in 2000 to 2006 when the average annual job growth reached 13.3 percent. The town might be named after a Lenape Indian word meaning “the flats,” but Wyomissing is clearly on the rise.At North American Forensic Accounting PC, we believe in the potential of Wyomissing. We realize there are challenges to maintaining the borough’s momentum, but as a firm dedicated to improving business efficiency, we’re eager to contribute to this community’s success. If you want your business to operate at a higher level, or if you want reliable assistance with an investigation or litigation, the seasoned professionals at NAFA are ready to address your concerns.

Certified experts provide the clarity your business or litigation needs

At NAFA, we believe in the power of accurate data, clearly presented. Whether you want to operate your business more efficiently or maximize the returns on your litigation, our forensic accounting experts are ready to support your efforts. We provide proprietary tools and knowledge gleaned from decades of experience. We offer a variety of services to deliver the results you need. These include:

  • Investigations — When you suspect unethical and/or illegal activity within your organization, you can depend on our team of certified experts in fraud detection and investigation. We lead or support investigations into suspicious losses. We can also look into conduct that is disruptive to your business operations and can expose you to liability, such as sexual harassment and abusive behavior towards subordinates.
  • Litigation support — Often our investigations lead to legal action, or attorneys ask us to employ forensic accounting to fortify their cases. We assemble date in incisive reports, written in everyday English. Our team also does economic loss calculations for various business torts and insurance disputes. Finally, we contribute to trial preparation and provide credible, highly professional testimony as expert witnesses.
  • Transaction advisory services — Whether you want to sell a company or acquire a business asset, you must ascertain its value. It’s not enough to know how much a company made in a given period; you need to know if that performance can be repeated. Our NAFA specialists examine financials, delving well below the surface, to produce reliable quality of earnings reports so you can have sufficient insight to make an informed decision. We also perform business valuations for buyers and sellers. Whether you want the business to continue operating or sell off the assets in a liquidation, you’ll have data you can rely on.
  • Internal audit — You depend on your internal audit department, but do you really know how well it is performing? Our veteran internal auditors know how to evaluate performance. We draw on decades of experience to provide quality assessments that pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve performance in vital areas. We also conduct niche audits that your personnel may not have been trained to manage, such as processes within human resources.
  • Ethics and compliance — At NAFA, we believe that culture has the power to enhance efficiency and eliminate wasteful losses from fraud. Using proprietary tools such as our FraudSeeker™, we locate areas of concern within your organization. We train pertinent personnel in the best practices for building an ethical corporate culture. We can even assist your business to implement a compliance program that will qualify you for lenient treatment under Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

NAFA is dedicated to our clients’ success. Wherever our forensic or internal audit skills can bring clarity that leads to solutions, we are ready to assist. We tailor our services to your needs, to promote efficiency where you need it the most.

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