Risk Experts Advise Businesses on Physical Security Planning

In-depth assessments of vulnerabilities and protocols for adverse events

For a business, there is no higher priority than the physical security of its people and facilities. You might think you have more pressing concerns, because lesser threats to your organization occur more frequently. But it’s no exaggeration to say that a company that neglects physical security is inviting disaster. At North American Forensic Accounting PC, we believe that physical security should be your highest priority. Keeping your workers and assets safe from physical harm is the sine qua non of business operations. You simply cannot operate where your people and property are not safe. Recent business closings in areas of the country where crime is rising confirm this assertion. That’s why NAFA helps businesses of all sizes design and implement physical security plans. We are ready to help you understand potential threats, guard against them, and respond effectively to protect your people and property.

What type of physical threats do businesses face?

Depending on the type of business you manage, you might face physical threats that are natural or man-made, such as:

  • Arson
  • Assault
  • Breaking and entering or burglary
  • Incursion by active shooter
  • Infrastructure failure
  • Intruder breach of premises
  • Outsiders’ physical occupation of premises
  • Riot
  • Robbery
  • Power outage
  • Seismic events
  • Severe weather events
  • Terrorism
  • Vandalism

Anyone who operates a business must understand the full range of potential threats and design security protocols to promote and maintain safety.

Designing a physical security plan for your organization

The goal of a physical security plan is to protect people, property, and physical assets from any action or event that could lead to loss or damage. An effective physical security plan should cover each of the Five Ds:

  • Deter — Hard targets discourage attackers. For this reason, simply the appearance of formidable security can reduce risk substantially. Visible perimeter measures, such as fencing, lighting, surveillance cameras, and signs, supported by security personnel patrolling the grounds and screening visitors will make a reasonable intruder think twice before attempting entry.
  • Detect — Businesses must have a system for detecting trespassers. Video surveillance and active guards at entry points are crucial tools.
  • Deny — Your security protocols must have the power to deny access to the site. Fencing, secure locks, key card entry, human interdiction, and controls to verify that visitors have permission to enter are all vitally important.
  • Delay — This strategy seeks to deny an intruding force the ability to attack with speed, so your response has time to unfold. The exterior of the building might be designed with winding roadways and speed bumps, rather than direct routes to the site. Intruders within the building would also face obstacles, such as fortified doors with coded locks. To protect personnel, there should be plans to evacuate to secure “panic rooms.”
  • Defend — There are times when force must be met with force. Whether you rely on armed security or local police, you must have a mechanism for rapid deployment.

Thorough assessments of current security plans

If you already have a security and response plan in place NAFA can evaluate it to determine if you are reaching your desired goals. NAFA can help your company assess vulnerabilities and suggest strategies to enhance your security posture to improve overall protection of human and physical assets. We provide guidance on security procedures that include:

  • Early closures
  • Lockdowns
  • Shelter in place orders
  • Facility evacuations
  • Clearance for resumption of normal activity
  • Preservation of crime scenes

With NAFA on your side you can be sure that you will be prepared for situations or scenarios that could impact your business, its assets, and your employees. When you consult with NAFA you get dedicated professionals committed to constructing a plan that enables you to protect your interests.

Comprehensive assessments of physical security incidents

If your business has encountered physical security issues in the past and your team is scrambling to determine where your planning failed NAFA can help. NAFA can review security protocols in the wake of an incident to determine root causes and whether changes to a physical security plan are necessary. Working with NAFA you can expect us to review every facet of a security incident from the timing of responses to communications, to adherence to the physical security plan allowing us to provide you with a complete assessment of what occurred and what went awry. While it can be confusing recovering from an incident, we can provide the clarity that you need to get back to full speed operations with more confidence and a plan/procedures for the future in case another event may unfortunately occur.

Contact North American Forensic Accounting PC to learn more physical security planning

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