Certified Experts Conduct Thorough Fraud Investigations

Experienced forensic accountants uncover corrupt practices within your company

Every organization should have a comprehensive anti-fraud plan in place, so that suspicious activity immediately triggers red flags. Unfortunately, too few companies are concerned enough about fraud to implement strict controls. Even so, you might suspect fraud or embezzlement is hurting your company because you’ve picked up on tell-tale signs. But what do you do then? You know you’ve got to identify the source of the problem, put a stop to it, deal appropriately with the wrongdoers, and, if possible, recover your losses. That’s more than a tall order, it’s a veritable minefield, where any misstep could blow back powerfully against you. Fortunately, North American Forensic Accounting PC has the expertise to help you proceed with fraud investigations. Partnering with your legal and accounting personnel, we meticulously search for the evidence that empowers you to remedy every facet of the problem.

Expertise to guide effective fraud investigations

NAFA is staffed with certified experts in fraud detection and prevention. In fact, our experts are nationally recognized leaders in the field. We have assumed leading and supporting roles in fraud investigations that uncovered corruption in organizations of all sizes. Our efforts have uncovered evidence of bribery, fraud, kickbacks, embezzlement, among other issues. Typically, we are asked to:

  • Lead the investigation while reporting to outside legal counsel or in-house counsel
  • Review the company’s own investigation results
  • Assess the organization’s protocols for investigations
  • Provide forensic investigation training to employees in various departments, especially human resources, compliance, security, and internal audit.

Some corporate officers, especially owner-operators of smaller businesses, make the mistake of acting on their suspicions without expert guidance. This can make matters worse, for example, by exposing the company to liability for civil rights violations. The more prudent and effective course is to speak with an attorney and consult the anti-fraud experts at NAFA. When you partner with NAFA on your fraud investigation, you benefit in several ways:

  • Crisis management — When every moment counts, you want immediate assistance. Our team can be ready within hours. Because we’re cognizant of the effect a fraud investigation can have on company morale, we perform discretely and professionally.
  • Limited business disruption — If word gets out that you are conducting a fraud investigation, negative publicity can cause a distraction that disrupts your operations. We work quietly and unobtrusively so you can conduct business as usual.
  • Expertise — While many accountancy firms claim to have experience with fraud investigations, the experts at NAFA have an impressive track record of success in high-stakes cases for businesses large and small.

When you consult with NAFA for a fraud investigation, you get proven professionals who can assume the lead or provide robust support for your efforts.

Contact North American Forensic Accounting PC for your company’s fraud investigation

North American Forensic Accounting PC helps companies of all sizes investigate suspected fraud and put a stop to unnecessary losses. To learn more, call us at 347-286-4860 or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment. NAFA serves clients from offices throughout the United States, including in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, and the Tampa Bay Area.