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Modern California was born from a gold strike which launched an irresistible legend about a land of warm sunshine whose widely strewn riches were just waiting to be collected. As the yellow gold of the Forty-Niners dwindled, the black gold of the Pico Canyon Oilfield gushed forth to replace it. Then, as oil production waned, great wealth appeared in celluloid and, decades later, in silicon. This sequence of fortunate booms created a mystique around California, as a status destination and a land of inexhaustible resources. California has long been seen as a place where anything is possible; waitresses and truck drivers can become movie stars and businesses can operate in the black, no matter how great the regulatory burden.

At North American Forensic Accounting LLC, we believe in the California ethos, but we also know that, even here, the basic principles of economics apply. Thus, decisions made in Sacramento have consequences, such as narrower profit margins, a greater need to mitigate risks, and zero tolerance for preventable losses. On all these matters, NAFA’s experts provide the assistance you need.

North American Forensic Accounting LLC offers expert services that aid in assessing and mitigating risk, regulatory compliance, commercial litigation, insurance and contract disputes, financial fraud investigation, and much more. Our experts draw on decades of experience related to compliance matters, forensic accounting, business valuations, investigations, and risk management. Our expertise enables us to support commercial and civil litigation, advise on transactions, test regulatory compliance, and assess risk.

Get immediate expert assistance for all requirements of SB 553

In an attempt to mitigate the threat of workplace violence, the CA legislature passed SB 553, which requires all employers (except those with fewer than 10 employees at a site not open to the public) to draft a detailed prevention plan by July 1, 2024. Failure to comply exposes the company to fines of $18,000 to $25,000 per violation.

Plans must be specific to each work area and the particular hazards of the workplace. The plan must include procedures for accepting and responding to employees’ workplace violence reports. All supervisory and non-supervisory employees must comply with the plan.

NAFA has experts in risk assessment and physical security protocols, who can assist companies with their SB 553 compliance. Services we offer include:

  • Plan development and review — We can help your organization craft comprehensive policies tailored to your specific circumstances, including the layout of your physical plant and the particular hazards of the industry in which you operate.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation — Our experts conduct inspections of grounds and facilities to determine vulnerabilities and suggest remedies.
  • Employee training — NAFA offers customized training sessions for employees at all levels, alerting them to key areas of vulnerability, appropriate risk mitigation measures, and effective response protocols.
  • Incident reporting and response — An crucial component of SB 553 is the requirement for an effective system by which workers can report incidents or express concerns. Organizations must have effective protocols for processing submissions and addressing issues in a timely, effective manner.
  • Compliance support — Organizations that have questions about best practices for workplace violence prevention can consult our certified experts. NAFA also provides ongoing support, which can include incident post-mortems to improve controls for greater resiliency in the future.

There’s no debate that SB 553 is directed towards a worthy goal. But implementation can be burdensome, especially for companies that are already struggling to remain viable under current economic conditions. With NAFA’s expert assistance, your company can become fully compliant with the new law without straining your resources.

Industry-specific knowledge drives forensic inquiries

NAFA’s forensic services are designed to uncover details that often escape notice using conventional business practices. In addition to advanced training in specific investigative methods, our team has industry specific knowledge of business processes across various sectors, which include:

Our practical experience enables us to scrutinize business records more critically and perform revealing interviews with your staff. In this way, we bring vulnerabilities to light, so we can propose effective remedies.

Litigation support for businesses throughout California

These days, it’s impossible to do business without an occasional legal dispute. Litigation can add significantly to the cost of doing business, so retaining quality litigation support is more important than ever. NAFA has extensive experience in a wide range of legal disputes, such as:

NAFA’s litigation support services include:

Mid-sized companies often encounter significant disadvantages in disputes with powerful, deep-pocketed mega corporations. Fortunately, NAFA’s expertise can serve as a great equalizer.

NAFA’s transactional services reduce risks for expanding California companies

In today’s competitive climate, a business that isn’t growing is dying. However, acquiring the wrong business asset, or paying too much for it, can be much worse than standing pat. NAFA aids business development with trustworthy business valuations, as well as quality of earnings reports that give extra insight into potential profitability.

NAFA internal audit and consulting services help companies mitigate risk

Experience has taught our auditors that the greatest threats to a company’s success come from within the organization. Few business leaders fully comprehend how poor process controls, lax ethics, and unenforced standards undermine the culture of a company. To correct problems arising from unscrupulous activity and unproductive behavior, many of our risk management strategies involve the implementation of compliance and ethics programs. Our experience demonstrates that progress in these key areas will deter fraud, enhance regulatory compliance, and add to the company’s bottom line.

NAFA provides a range of risk mitigation services, such as:

Through specialized assessments, we can ascertain your company’s stress points and vulnerabilities, while suggesting a range of proven remedies.

Contact NAFA to restore the luster to your California business

Current business conditions might have tarnished the Golden State, but North American Forensic Accounting LLC helps companies throughout California restore the luster. We provide a wide range of services that enhance efficiency and resiliency for sustained success. Call us at 347-286-4860 or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment.