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Bringing experts together for litigation support, financial investigations, and loss calculations

When we think of Atlanta, we picture a center of exciting activity, constantly growing and changing, but always serving to connect people from various regions and walks of life. Atlanta began its rich history as a hub for railroad transportation, moving people, raw materials, and finished products from the seacoast to the nation’s interior. Now, home to the busiest airport in the nation, Atlanta is a travel hub serving the entire world. But Atlanta has also been a center of information, pioneering cable and satellite TV to reach the farthest regions of the globe. In short, Atlanta is a place where connections are made, and for this reason, businesses have thrived here for the last two centuries.

But what happens when those connections start to break down? As a business owner, you could suffer insurmountable losses as a result of a business interruption, liability lawsuit, natural disaster, or fraud. When that happens, you can turn to North American Forensic Accounting. We draw on decades of experience to examine business records and elicit vital information that standard accounting practices simply cannot fathom. Our certified experts can provide the investigative skill you need to mitigate damages, recover compensation, and obtain the legal remedy you deserve.

Recovering from a business interruption in Georgia

There are times when outside forces seem to conspire against a company. Your place of business can be damaged by a fire or flood, a disaster could disrupt your supply chain, or civil authorities might demand that you halt operations. When you’ve suffered a loss that’s insurable under your business interruption policy, you are entitled to recover. However, acceptance of your claim depends on the strength of the supporting evidence. Using advanced forensic methods, the experts at NAFA can reconstruct precise data from your business records to help you get approval of your claim.

Your business might also be sidelined because of a breach of contract. In such a case, you might be entitled to damages under the contract. Our team can provide a reliable estimation of damages, so you can pursue a civil remedy.

Expert fraud investigation to hold wrongdoers accountable

At NAFA, we don’t believe you should accept losses due to fraud as just another cost of doing business. Drawing on our expert investigative skills, we can pinpoint exactly where the fraud has occurred and identify the parties involved.

Fraud schemes are often industry specific. Fortunately, our NAFA team has extensive experience working within various sectors, such as:

  • Banking and finance
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit entities
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Pharmacy
  • Insurance

Employing advanced investigative tools and techniques, our leaders are able to elicit information from business records that are routinely missed. When we let the numbers tell their story, the results are compelling. We provide the substantive evidence you need to hold responsible parties accountable.

Calculating losses to support litigation

In business, as in life, disputes are inevitable. But if you are going through the time and expense of litigation, you should know how much money is at stake. Vague allegations of losses weaken negotiations and undermine trial strategy. NAFA supports litigation by performing a detailed analysis of all pertinent records and presenting a calculation of losses. Attorneys have relied on our forensic experts for:

  • Business interruption loss calculation
  • Business valuations
  • Economic damages calculations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Hidden asset investigation
  • Internal investigations
  • Wage and hour calculations

Our team has participated in a wide range of cases, which include:

  • Accounting and auditing malpractice
  • Breach of contract
  • Employee embezzlement
  • High net-worth divorce
  • Insurance claim disputes
  • Shareholder derivative lawsuits
  • Wage and hour complaints

Too often, litigation comes down to a battle of resources, so the party with the deepest legal department wins a battle of attrition. But when NAFA is able to produce substantial evidence, both sides understand how much is at stake. We have found that parties are more likely to settle for what is objectively the reasonable amount. Thus, our services may help reduce the overall cost of litigation.

NAFA’s transaction services help Atlanta businesses connect

If you have your eyes on a business for acquisition, you need a reliable calculation of its worth. To understand its value, both now and in the future, you can rely on NAFA. Our team of analysts conducts detailed business valuations. We can also scrutinize reported revenue to ascertain whether recent performance is likely to continue in the future as part of a quality of earnings engagement.

Connect with an expert forensic accounting firm in Georgia

North American Forensic Accounting helps companies in Atlanta overcome disruptions to achieve business success. We provide a range of services from loss calculations to business valuations and from financial investigations to litigation support. Call us at 347-286-4860 or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment.