Forensic Accountants Provide Trustworthy Trial Consultant Services

Experts help attorneys plan and execute their strategies

Attorneys are trained in substantive law and court procedure. Rarely are they subject matter experts in the cases they undertake. Nor are they expected to be technical experts in the financial matters related to their case. Attorneys routinely rely on qualified experts who help them understand the issues, frame the narrative of the case, and justify the demands they are making of the other party in the conflict. At North American Forensic Accounting, our team of experts provides a wide array of trial consultant services to support attorneys’ efforts. Drawing on decades of training and experience, our NAFA team helps attorneys perform their tasks with greater awareness, understanding, and confidence. We provide crucial information, guidance, and support at every critical stage of the legal process.

Discovery: Helping you locate that needle in the haystack

Every attorney knows that discovery can be a long, tedious, and expensive process unless the search for information is laser focused. Your opponents would love to dump truckloads of documents on you, daring you to find the single record you’re searching for. NAFA helps attorneys avoid this conundrum with specific document requests, targeting pertinent financials. We also help attorneys elicit vital information with pointed interrogatories.

When you’ve gotten the documents you’ve requested, we can review and assess the records, distilling the information into concise, cogent reports you can use strategically to advance your case.

Lending investigative skills to depositions

Some of the most important information you can elicit will come from the witnesses you depose. As regards the financial aspects of your case, NAFA can help you understand accounting principles, so you can sharpen your questions and strike at the vulnerabilities of witness testimony. We prepare you to question witnesses on the financial records we’ve reviewed and can even attend depositions to suggest follow-up questions that probe more deeply into the issues.

Pretrial and trial: Impactful support when you need it most

Before you go to trial, it’s likely you’ll try to reach a settlement through negotiation or mediation. NAFA helps you prepare for settlement conferences by preparing final calculations of damages or lost profits. We work to reconstruct financial records to bolster your case and can provide business valuations as needed. Before you begin negotiations, you’ll know what an acceptable dollar amount is, so you can accept or walk away from an offer, confident you served the best interests of your client.

The task at trial is to present a compelling narrative, supported by strong evidence. NAFA assists by explaining the art and science of accounting and forensic investigation in terms that a judge and jury can readily understand. By making our process clear, we lay the groundwork for acceptance of our conclusions. We support our work by preparing trial exhibits that convey information visually in a profound manner. We also help attorneys develop arguments by evaluating reports submitted by opposing expert witnesses. Finally, our expert witnesses offer confident and composed testimony on all the financial aspects of the case.

NAFA’s experts: Role-players on your team

The lead attorney in litigation cannot and should not have to handle every task associated with the case. You’re the quarterback, but you need your lineman for protection and your skill-position players to be your weapons as you march downfield. Our NAFA experts are ready to play a pivotal role on your team.

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