Internal Audit Professionals Supplement Your Staff to Complete SOX Compliance Testing

Experienced internal auditors keep your company in compliance with reliable SOX testing

Vibrant capitalism depends on free-flowing capital. But when companies put forth inaccurate or misleading financials—and investors get burned—capital starts to dry up. The results are bad for investors, bad for the economy, and bad for honest corporations that are competing fairly. To protect investors and the overall securities market, Congress passed The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002. But in doing so, Congress imposed a burden on companies to expend resources in compliance of the law’s many provisions. Our firm is comprised of certified experts in internal audit with extensive experience in SOX compliance. Our veterans can help supplement your staff, so you can complete your testing in the time allotted without having to go through the process of filling a salaried position. Our internal audit professionals frequently use SAP, the world’s leading enterprise resource planning software. Our team is also experienced in different audit and compliance tools such as HighBond and AuditBoard so little or no training may be required on your end. Let NAFA help relieve some of the stress related to completing your SOX testing.

Common issues with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Many business & internal audit leaders complain of the annual crunch to get their SOX testing done. This burden is exacerbated whenever a company experiences turnover. Across the country, each year, management, SOX compliance specialists, and internal auditors are racing to complete testing by the deadline. Having NAFA’s experts bolster your staff at this crucial juncture can help your company better deal with the challenges of SOX compliance and obtain timely results that inspire confidence.

NAFA understands the various financial controls that need to be tested and how they should operate. We can help pinpoint problems and recommend solutions such as:

  • Control owners misunderstanding their controls and how to support SOX compliance
  • Control documentation not keeping pace with changes in business processes
  • Relying on controls that don’t deliver the intended control objective
  • Control rationalization where you may rely on several detailed controls when it’s better to rely on fewer, more effective controls

If your SOX compliance program falls short in these areas and others, NAFA can help. Don’t jeopardize the timeliness of your SOX testing and the adverse consequences.

Advantages of unassailable SOX compliance

We’ve explained the burden of SOX compliance and the pitfalls of haphazard reporting. But there are also clear advantages to compliance. Unassailable SOX compliance is a true corporate asset that enhances your reputation for promoting a corporate culture of doing the right thing. Having good financial controls is necessary and it is simply good business which can benefit your organization in many ways. SOX compliance is a worthwhile investment, especially when you partner with NAFA’s experienced audit leaders.

Contact North American Forensic Accounting to improve SOX compliance

North American Forensic Accounting helps companies of all sizes improve compliance with demands of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. To learn more, call us at 347-286-4860 or contact one of our offices online to schedule an appointment. NAFA serves clients from offices throughout the United States, including in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, and the Tampa Bay Area.