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Miami has long been the “Sun and Fun Capital of the World,” but today, Florida’s second-largest city means business. Miami hasn’t abandoned its roots as a first-class vacation spot, but this coastal metropolis is hard at work, as a center of commerce and global finance. And, with the third-largest skyline in the United States rising above its famous beaches, Miami has the look and feel of a true power player. Additionally, despite its growth, Miami has preserved its unique character and cultural significance as America’s only majority-Hispanic large city, and the epicenter of Spanish-language media in the United States. Scenic beauty, bustling commerce, and vibrant culture make Miami the envy of most major cities. But then the next hurricane hits, and the grass starts to look greener in Omaha.

When a sudden crisis threatens to turn your Miami business upside down, it’s time to consult North American Forensic Accounting. We’ve helped numerous companies recover from business interruptions, losses due to fraud, and potentially crushing litigation. We understand how unsettling it can be to learn that your basic assumptions about your business are invalid. We know you need clear data to help you comprehend the depth and scope of the problem you’re facing, so you can formulate an effective strategy. NAFA’s forensic accounting experts scrutinize business records to reveal crucial information that many times are overlooked. Drawing on decades of experience, our forensic accounting experts get to the truth behind the numbers, so you can make informed decisions to guide your company through your current crisis.

Helping companies recover from a business interruption

According to weather sources, 2020 was the most active year for Atlantic hurricanes on record, with 30 named storms, of which 14 developed into hurricanes, culminating in the Category 5 Hurricane Iota. Though Miami suffered little during that banner year, the city has fallen victim often enough to major storms that force businesses to shut down. Fortunately, a company that suffers a prolonged interruption from a major storm, a fire, a disrupted supply chain, or a government lockdown, may be entitled to benefits from its business interruption insurance policy. But getting the full settlement you deserve can be a struggle.

The outcome of your claim depends greatly on the reliability of the data you submit. The experts at NAFA use advanced forensic methods to reconstruct the data from your business records, so you can get approval of your claim.

Expert fraud investigation to identify bad actors and hold them accountable

In a hypercompetitive global economy, you cannot put up with preventable losses, especially from fraud within your ranks. Fraud schemes not only hurt your bottom line, but they can tarnish your company’s reputation for fair dealing. Our NAFA team is comprised of certified experts in fraud investigation. Drawing on decades of experience, we are able to pinpoint the source of the fraud and identify the possible wrongdoers.

Fraud schemes sometimes vary depending on the type of industry. Our NAFA team has a wealth of experience investigating fraud in different business sectors, such as:

  • Construction
  • Financial services, lending, and banking
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit entities
  • Government
  • Pharmacy
  • Retail
  • Transportation and warehousing

NAFA employs advanced investigative techniques and analytical tools to uncover information that standard accounting practices regularly miss. Our methods allow your business records to tell the complete story, providing substantive evidence you can rely on to pursue the appropriate legal remedy.

Data that supports civil litigation

In business, disputes inevitably arise, and so the threat of litigation looms over every consequential disagreement. But at the core of every case is the question: how much is this fight worth? Having clear data on the value of a controversy before you invest resources into litigation has a profound impact on your strategy. But no matter where you are in the legal process, if you are acting from unreliable data, you are at an extreme disadvantage. NAFA provides valuable support for civil litigation by performing an in-depth analysis of all pertinent records to compile a reasonable calculation of damages.

Our forensic experts have performed a variety of essential services for litigation attorneys, such as:

  • Business interruption loss calculation
  • Business valuations
  • Economic damages calculations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Hidden asset investigation
  • Internal investigations
  • Wage and hour calculations

The types of cases our team has worked on include:

  • Accounting and auditing malpractice
  • Breach of contract
  • Employee embezzlement
  • High net-worth divorce
  • Insurance claim disputes
  • Shareholder derivative lawsuits
  • Wage and hour complaints

In too many civil disputes, neither side has clear, compelling evidence of the value of the case, so each side tries to wear the other down in a battle of attrition. Ethical lawyers regret having to rely on such a strategy, because it does not serve the best interests of their clients. But by producing damage calculations based on substantial recorded evidence, NAFA presents a clear picture of how much is at stake. Attorneys can better advise their clients, and the parties can make wiser decisions, such as reaching a reasonable and timely settlement that avoids the expense of a trial. When settlements still prove elusive, our forensic experts can appear at trial as expert witnesses, presenting cogent, credible testimony to support your case.

NAFA’s expert services vet Miami business transactions

How will you grow your business? If you are pursuing strategic expansion through targeted acquisitions, you can’t make a move until you know the approximate value of the business in question. NAFA performs meticulous business valuation so you know the value of a business. We also perform quality of earnings engagements to explain whether past revenue is a reliable indicator of future performance.

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