Experienced Fact Finders Conduct Effective Internal Investigations

Discreet, thorough handling of issues corrupting your corporate culture

Culture is a powerful force, influencing individuals for better or for worse. Unfortunately, organizational leaders don’t often recognize the power of their corporate culture or exercise their authority to improve it. As a result, subcultures form within an organization, many of which induce what we call ‘deviant behavior.’ This phrase refers to various acts or omissions that negatively impact performance, productivity and ethics. As a leader in your organization, you may be aware of problems in these areas, such as profits that lag inexplicably behind projections, a backlog of HR complaints, poor office morale, drops in productivity, increased absenteeism, and poor staff retention. But you might not attribute it to deviant behavior. As a result, you can be unaware of true threats to your company, such as fraud, mistreatment of employees by superiors, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other issues that can raise significant legal issues. You might think that a single reported incident is just a one-off, when it’s actually the tip of the iceberg. Understanding the true scope and depth of the problem often requires a detailed internal investigation. That’s when it’s time to call North American Forensic Accounting PC. Our forensic accounting experts have extensive experience getting to the root of problems that undermine companies of all sizes. We can perform the professional investigations that your HR department might not be equipped to handle. As a neutral third party, we can put fresh eyes on the situation at your company. Using well-honed interview skills and proprietary diagnostic tools, we get to the heart of any matter.

Discretion when you need it most

At NAFA, we understand that corporate leaders hesitate to point a finger at any valued employee. Thus, we employ the utmost tact and discretion. Without fanfare, we pore over data, interview staff, and assemble the evidence of the deviant behavior that is spoiling your company’s culture. When we’re finished, your legal department has the information it needs to pursue the appropriate remedies.

Proven investigators tackle a wide variety of internal problems

Problems occur within an organization when it hires unethical people or allows a negative culture to fester, corrupting good people. This leads to deviant behavior that can be premeditated or opportunistic. At NAFA, we know how and why deviant behavior happens and how to locate its source. We’ve performed investigations involving bribery, embezzlement, kickbacks, and fraudulent transfers of assets. We also oversee HR-related investigations of malfeasance, which have targeted discrimination, sexual harassment, abusive treatment of subordinates, and various violations of company policy. Organizations retain our services to:

  • Coordinate investigations with outside legal counsel
  • Lead internal investigations, reporting to in-house counsel
  • Review procedures and results of completed investigations
  • Assess the organization’s protocols for internal investigations
  • Provide training in investigative strategies and technics for staff in the HR, compliance, security, and internal audit departments

When you consult with NAFA, you can rely on us to work closely with your team, to operate within set parameters for the investigation, and to demonstrate the utmost respect for your people and your organization.

Highly professional investigators minimize business disruption

The mere suggestion that management suspects unlawful behavior can fuel rumors and cause disruptions to your operations. Moreover, any amateur detective work you do might infringe on your employees’ rights, alienating your loyal staff and exposing you up to civil liability. Therefore, leaders who have suspicions should proceed with caution:

  • Don’t toss around accusations
  • Never search another person’s desk, locker or personal belongings
  • Don’t seize and search an employee’s computer
  • Don’t record interactions with employees
  • Don’t surveille your employees

In other words, don’t attempt the investigation yourself. If you suspect deviant behavior, don’t overreact, but do contact a knowledgeable professional immediately. An investigative expert at NAFA can explain your options and suggest effective, lawful strategies. You should also consult your attorney right away, especially if you believe the deviant behavior in question could trigger a termination, a civil lawsuit and/or a criminal prosecution. You must also consider how your handling of the problem could have a ripple effect throughout your organization. When investigations garner unnecessary publicity, additional negative consequences are possible. Shareholders might revolt, loyal employees might quit, and consumers may decide your brand image is tarnished. Our investigators realize what’s at stake, and we have experience working under trying circumstances. We keep a tight lid on our activity, while working intently to uncover the facts that will lead to a resolution.

Contact North American Forensic Accounting PC for highly skilled investigative services

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