Advanced Accounting Services for Businesses in Lancaster County

From expert audits to forensic investigations, NAFA provides critical insights

Lancaster County may be The Garden Spot of America, but the folks who live and work here know that the garden doesn’t tend itself. There’s a significant amount of hard work behind the postcard beauty of Lancaster’s farmland and the quaint simplicity of its Amish community. In Lancaster County, agriculture and tourism are big business. The farms may be small, but the harvest is great, as 5,293 farms collectively generate $800 million in produce, almost one-fifth of the Commonwealth’s annual output. As for tourism, the county owes much of that success to Witness, the 1985 Harrison Ford thriller that introduced Amish country to moviegoers across the nation. Almost 40 years later, Lancaster County is a huge destination for city dwellers looking to escape the hectic pace of modern life and unwind in a peaceful, bucolic setting. The City of Lancaster has capitalized on the tourist trade, recreating itself as a convention center and a hub for the arts. Downtown is peppered with galleries and eclectic shops selling crafts and vintage goods.Yet most of the tourists who come for hand-sewn quilts and dipped candles would be rather surprised to know that Lancaster County is home to companies on the cutting edge of 21st century technology, such as MapQuest, Lancaster Laboratories and Herley Industries. All told, there are more than 11,000 small, medium, and large businesses in Lancaster County. Not many rely on kerosene lamps and horse-drawn buggies. At North American Forensic Accounting PC, we understand that most Lancaster County businesses face 21st century challenges, and we are here to help.NAFA provides a wide range of advanced accounting services to help companies identify and remediate risk. We help burgeoning companies manage growth, and develop ethical cultures based on positive values. Working with NAFA, your company can tackle 21st century challenges while remaining true to the timeless principles that are the ethos of Lancaster County.

Advanced accounting services for Lancaster County businesses

No matter what business you’re in, your company can improve its performance by optimizing its business practices to support its operations and eliminate wasteful expenditures and losses. NAFA’s advanced accounting services include:

  • Investigations — It’s an unfortunate reality of business that controversies arise which can expose a company to civil and criminal liability. Our firm is comprised of certified fraud detection and investigatory experts. NAFA can help you investigate suspect losses and deviant behavior which a well-run organization cannot tolerate. Our investigators have managed allegations of sexual harassment, the abusive treatment of employees, and the misappropriation of company assets.
  • Litigation support — NAFA supports Lancaster County attorneys with reliable data, such as economic loss calculations. We have participated in a wide range of civil and criminal cases, including business torts and insurance claims disputes. We draft meticulous reports in everyday English that any lay person can understand. We contribute to trial preparation and regularly appear as expert witnesses, providing credible, cogent testimony.
  • Transaction advisory services — When it’s time to sell a business or acquire one, you need to know exactly how much the asset is worth. How else can you gauge whether you’ll get a reasonable return on your investment? NAFA gives buyers and sellers clear insight with accurate business valuations. We also examine financial records to produce reliable quality of earnings reports, so buyers can know whether a company is likely to produce consistent future revenue.
  • Internal audit — A company’s internal audit reports form leadership’s basis for a range of weighty decisions. But do you really know how accurate your audits are? Our NAFA professionals draw on decades of experience as audit leaders. We conduct quality assessments of internal audit departments that can help them improve performance. We also lead and/or perform niche audits for companies who require additional internal audit resources.
  • Ethics and compliance — At NAFA, we believe there is a direct correlation between the ethical tone leadership sets for a company and that company’s efficiency, productivity, and regulatory compliance. When companies fail to place ethics at the center of their hiring and promotion practices, they project apathy, which enables inefficiency and fraud. NAFA provides risk assessments, instruction, diagnostic tools, and proven advice to elevate your corporate culture. We can also help your business implement safeguards against fraud that can qualify your company for leniency under Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Our NAFA team has extensive experience across a broad range of industries, so no matter what business you’re in, NAFA can provide the professional support you need.

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