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One of the great benefits of the digital age is the ability to do business from anywhere you choose. Companies are no longer compelled to locate in urban centers, the erstwhile hubs of manufacturing, finance, and commerce. And, if you can do business from anywhere, why not choose the bucolic serenity of Lancaster County, PA over some frantic, congested metropolis, like New York or Philadelphia? That seems to be the thinking behind the recent growth in Lancaster County, and especially the small borough of Ephrata.The migration off the farm that decimated rural America in the 1960s is reversing itself, as more and more companies relocate to the small towns of the United States. The transition flows from a confluence of desires: companies want to lower costs and workers want a better quality of life for themselves and their children. The result is a revitalization of rural communities, in places such as Ephrata, which had lost 54 percent of its population during the 1960s. Like a prophesy fulfilled, the town whose biblically inspired name means “fruitful” has sprouted new life. Ephrata not only recovered almost all of its 1960s loss by the 1990 U.S. census but went on to grow by an amazing 85 percent in 2000. At North American Forensic Accounting PC, we’re happy to see businesses and communities flourish. But we also understand the importance of managing growth wisely. Too many Pennsylvania communities— notably those that thrived off timber and coal—have been victims of the boom-bust cycle. NAFA is committed to helping businesses work smarter, making prudent decisions based on reliable, accurate data. We also believe that businesses operating under ethical principles and practices will be more efficient, productive, and stable. Whatever business you run in Ephrata and vicinity, NAFA can provide the advanced accounting services you need to avoid unnecessary losses and prosper well into the future.

Advanced accounting services for businesses in and around Ephrata, PA

Even when your business is headquartered in a small town, the reality of commerce in the point-click age is that you’re competing globally. Because competition is intense, you have to avoid unforced errors that lead to wasteful losses. Fortunately, NAFA’s advanced accounting services can help you optimize your company’s performance in a multitude of ways, such as:

  • Investigations — Whether you’re dealing with unexplained losses or behavior that could trigger civil liability, how you go about investigating the problem matters greatly. You can’t afford to alarm your workers, violate anyone’s privacy rights, or cause a scandal that reflects poorly on your company. NAFA is comprised of investigatory experts. We have managed issues ranging from fraud to allegations of sexual harassment, the abusive treatment of employees, and the misappropriation of company assets. We operate professionally and discretely to provide the solid proof you need to remedy the situation.
  • Litigation support —The certified experts at NAFA have participated in a wide range of civil and criminal cases, including insurance claims disputes and business torts. We support legal counsel by providing reliable data, such as economic loss calculations, drafting clear, detailed reports in everyday English and contributing to discovery and trial preparation. We routinely appear as expert witnesses, providing credible, cogent testimony.
  • Transaction advisory services — When you want to sell a business or buy one, you need to know exactly how much that asset is worth. NAFA provides clear insight to buyers and sellers with trustworthy business valuations. We also scrutinize financial records to draft reliable quality of earnings reports, so prospective buyers can know whether the company they’re considering is likely to produce steady revenue in the future.
  • Internal audit — Your company’s internal audit reports form the basis for a wide range of consequential decisions. But can you really testify to their accuracy? Our NAFA experts draw on decades of experience as audit leaders. We perform internal quality assessments that reveal potential deficiencies in your internal audit department. Afterwards, we can advise you on the best practices for enhancing your staff’s performance. We can also oversee and/or perform audits for audit departments without adequate resources.
  • Ethics and compliance — After decades of fraud investigation, we are convinced there is a direct correlation between the ethical culture of a company and its efficiency, productivity, and regulatory compliance. Companies that incorporate ethics into their hiring, training, and promotion practices, run more efficiently and deter fraud. NAFA provides risk assessments, instruction, diagnostic tools, and proven guidance to help establish a positive corporate culture. We can also help your company implement antifraud practices that qualify your company for leniency under Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

The NAFA team has in-depth experience across a wide range of industries, and this specific knowledge enables us to provide highly professional support no matter what business you’re in.

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