Forensic Accounting Experts Serve Dauphin County in the Heart of Pennsylvania

Advanced analytics to boost business efficiency and root out fraud

Dauphin County is said to lie in the heart of Pennsylvania, and that seems true no matter how you look at it. Though its location is slightly off-center, Dauphin County is home to Harrisburg, the capital of the Commonwealth and the hub of political activity. The Heart of PA also has several major arteries crisscrossing through it; Interstates 76, 81 and 83 bring goods and visitors from throughout the region. And what’s a heart without a little sweetness? Which you can find by visiting Hershey Park. Dauphin County also perfectly encapsulates the character of Pennsylvania, from metropolitan sophistication to quaint, rural simplicity. Finally, even the name Dauphin County comes from the heart. Formed on March 4, 1785, from part of Lancaster County, Dauphin was named for Louis-Joseph, Dauphin of France, out of gratitude to his father. King Louis XVI had approved the alliance during the American Revolution that helped the United States achieve independence. At North American Forensic Accounting PC, we’re grateful to be headquartered in this special place. We’re eager to help businesses throughout Dauphin County overcome impediments to their success. When your business needs expert guidance and advanced analytics, you can trust the certified professionals at NAFA. We can help you enhance your efficiency, implement greater controls, or investigate internal problems to build a better business.

A full range of advanced accounting and auditing services for Dauphin County businesses

There are myriad ways that NAFA helps Dauphin County businesses improve their performance and pursue their goals. Our leading services include:

  • Transaction advisory — Business assets are significant investments. Whether you are buying or selling, you want to have a precise idea of what a business is worth. NAFA scrutinizes financial records to create insightful quality of earnings reports. This tells you more than how much the asset has earned, but whether that revenue is likely to be stable. We also conduct business valuations, so buyers and sellers can have a clear picture of an asset’s worth, either as an ongoing concern or when sold in liquidation.
  • Internal audit — Can you say with certainty how well your internal audit department is doing? Drawing on decades of audit leadership experience, our forensic accounting experts evaluate every aspect of performance. We deliver detailed quality assessments. We can also supervise niche audits that your in-house personnel may not have the background to manage.
  • Investigations — At the heart of our firm are certified experts in investigation. We not only help companies investigate suspicious losses, but we also examine negative conduct that threatens the smooth operation of your business. We help you spot and remedy patterns of sexual harassment, abuse of subordinates, and misappropriation of assets.
  • Litigation support — Our forensic experts assist law firms in various ways. We calculate economic losses for a range of business torts and insurance disputes. We present our findings in concise, cogent reports, written in plain English. We also help with trial preparation and serve as expert witnesses, offering credible and highly professional testimony.
  •  Ethics and compliance — NAFA believes that corporate culture has the power to enhance efficiency and mitigate wasteful losses, especially from fraud. We take a multi-pronged approach in helping clients build an ethical corporate culture. We also help clients implement compliance programs that qualify their companies for leniency under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Whenever your company needs advanced analytics and the keen insight of veteran forensic specialists, NAFA can help. Our firm is dedicated to helping Pennsylvania businesses reach their full potential through increased efficiency, enhanced insight into processes, and pristine ethics. If you want to take your organization to the next level, call our NAFA experts.

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