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Cumberland County is known more for leisure than for business, and for good reasons. With tens of thousands of acres of pristine nature, Cumberland County is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen. Whether you go in for hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching or hunting, you can find a corner of Cumberland County to lift your spirits and get your heart pumping. And yet, Cumberland is not an undeveloped backwater, it is the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania. This is due in part to the county administration’s commitment to fiscal accountability and cost-effective public services. But it’s also a natural consequence of workers wanting a better quality of life and businesses accommodating them by relocating to bucolic settings. Still, Cumberland is not without its challenges, which include an epidemic of opiate abuse, which county authorities are working diligently to address.At North American Forensic Accounting, we believe in the potential of Cumberland County. We provide guidance for companies seeking to enhance efficiencies and achieve their goals for business operations or civil litigation. Our team is comprised of certified experts with vast experience addressing areas of importance to business leaders and litigation attorneys. We’re ready to serve clients throughout Cumberland County, from Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill, all the way to Middle Spring and Shippensburg.

Veteran forensic accountants help Cumberland County clients build better businesses

NAFA is committed to helping companies of all sizes optimize their business processes to prevent unnecessary losses due to lax oversight, misinformed decisions, and waste. We also employ forensic accounting techniques to investigate problems and support civil and criminal litigation. NAFA services include:

  • Investigations — The NAFA team is comprised of certified experts in fraud detection and investigation. We help organizations of all sizes investigate suspect losses, as well as deviant behavior that threatens the smooth operation of the business. Problems we investigate include allegations of sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, abusive behavior towards subordinates, and misappropriation of assets.
  • Litigation support — When attorneys need data to substantiate a claim, our forensic experts are ready to help. We calculate economic losses for business tort cases and insurance disputes. We draft cogent reports of our findings, in clear English. We also help with trial preparation and provide credible testimony as expert witnesses.
  • Transaction advisory services — What is a fair price for a business asset? Whether you’re buying or selling, you want reliable data to guide your decision. Our NAFA team scrutinizes financials to compose in-depth quality of earnings reports. Delving beneath the surface of reported revenue, we can accurately assess how reliable an asset’s revenue streams might be in the future. Going beyond earnings, we present business valuations to guide buyers and sellers in acquisitions or liquidations.
  • Internal audit — Business leaders rely on internal audits for a variety of important decisions. But how reliable is the product their auditors produce? NAFA is comprised of veteran audit leaders who can accurately evaluate performance. Our team prepares quality assessments, so you can see where your weaknesses lie, and remedy deficiencies. We also have vast experience in the kinds of niche audits that few audit departments are prepared to handle, such as human resources processes.
  • Ethics and compliance — NAFA believes that ethics and efficiency go hand in hand. An ethical culture is a high-performing culture, free of waste, fraud, and negative conduct that can expose a company to liability. Our leaders help companies turn their corporate culture around, using our own proprietary tools and industry best practices. We also help companies create compliance programs to qualify for protections under federal sentencing guidelines.

For these issues and more, the forensic accounting and fraud-prevention experts at NAFA are ready to assist your organization anywhere in Cumberland County.

North American Forensic Accounting guides Cumberland County clients to greater success

North American Forensic Accounting provides a wide range of highly professional services for business operations and civil litigation throughout Cumberland County, PA. Call us at 347-286-4860 or contact our Camp Hill office online to schedule an appointment.