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Camp Hill, Pennsylvania seems to have gotten its name from being used as the site of revival meetings during the Great Awakening. The early 19th century was a time of questioning and seeking. People were searching for eternal truths. At North American Forensic Accounting, we can appreciate the fervor of that time. Though we’re focused on tracking more tangible data points, we’re still seeking to understand the world around us and help our clients improve their understanding. Businesses in a competitive economy need precise information about their processes to evaluate performance. They need accurate valuations to balance risk and reward. Parties engaged in litigation need clarity to fortify their arguments and obtain fair results. When your organization needs a higher level of understanding than you can get from standard accounting, you can rely on NAFA to produce reliable results.

Seasoned professionals offer a wide range of advanced accounting services

Camp Hill might be a small community, mustering only about 8,000 residents. Nevertheless, it is home to a few noteworthy corporations, like Rite Aid, Harsco, and Gannett Fleming. Naturally, such companies have the resources to compete in a challenging global economy. But, at NAFA, we believe that every company, no matter the size, can operate at peak efficiency. In fact, they have to, because every company operating today is competing globally. To help you rise to the challenges in your industry, NAFA offer a wide range of advanced accounting services, including:

  • Investigations — An employee’s deviant behavior can severely damage an organization. From sexual harassment and abusive behavior towards subordinates to misappropriation of assets and fraud, these problems need to be exposed and remediated. Our team is comprised of certified experts in investigation and fraud detection. We can provide the evidence you need to understand the problem and move swiftly to correct it.
  • Litigation support —Investigations often lead to litigation, in which case, we can support counsel with detailed reports on our findings and other guidance. However, companies are often targeted for lawsuits, in which case, we can glean evidence from records to assist the defense. Our forensic experts are also adept at calculating losses for business tort cases and insurance disputes. In addition to producing clear, incisive reports, we provide credible and highly professional testimony as expert witnesses.
  • Transaction advisory services — If you want to sell your company or pick up a business asset, you need an accurate valuation. Our NAFA specialists examine financial records to produce insightful quality of earnings reports. These documents not only show how much revenue the asset has produced, but how reliable that revenue will be in the future. For buyers and sellers, we conduct precise business valuations that offer a clear picture of an asset’s worth, based on your plan to continue operating or to liquidate the company.
  • Internal audit — Your internal audit department operates as your eyes on your business processes. But have you tested its vision lately? Our internal audit experts can tell you if it’s operating at 20-20 or needs corrective lenses, with incisive quality assessments. If niche audits, such those related to human resources, overtax your department, our veteran audit leaders can oversee the process and train your staff.
  • Ethics and compliance — An ethical corporate culture is a productive culture which, importantly, does not expose the company and its officers to liability for civil and criminal violations. NAFA offers evaluations, advice, training and step-by-step guidance to companies looking to improve their culture and more strictly comply with pertinent regulations. We also help companies draft and implement compliance programs that qualify their organization for leniency under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

NAFA believes that every organization is capable of operating at a higher level. We provide the knowledge, tools and guidance to optimize your processes and achieve your goals.

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