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Most people today know Berks County for Reading, PA, the city that serves as its county seat. As the fourth largest city in the Commonwealth, Reading faces many challenges, including a high poverty rate, and difficulty attracting new business. But there was a time when Reading was an industrial powerhouse dominating Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. At North American Forensic Accounting, we’re aware of Reading’s past, and we believe in its future. As an accounting and advisory firm dedicated to overcoming challenges so businesses can compete and succeed on a high level, we’re hoping to be part of a Reading Renaissance that revives all of Berks County.

Reading’s proud history, built on innovation

About thirty years before the American Revolution, Philadelphia was thriving to such an extent, that two sons of William Penn, the colony’s founder, decided to stake out another city roughly fifty miles up the Schuylkill River. They named their town Reading, after Reading in Berkshire County, England. After a decade of growth, Reading showed such promise that the stewards of the colony decided to take land from Chester County, Lancaster County, and Philadelphia County to form a new county, with Reading as its seat. They inaugurated Berks County (short for Berkshire) on March 11, 1752. Berks County thrived in the 18th and early 19th century, relying on agriculture and iron manufacturing. As the Industrial Age dawned, the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad was created in 1833. Started with the sole purpose of transporting anthracite coal, the company grew to an industrial giant, the Reading Company. But, as it teetered on the threshold of national prominence, the Reading Company threatened the interests of elite Robber Barons, such as J.P. Morgan, who frustrated the company’s efforts to expand nationally and into Canada. Then came the “Trust Busters” in Washington, D.C., who labeled Reading an illegal monopoly. A loss in the U.S. Supreme Court led to an order in 1924 breaking the conglomerate into separate companies.Technological advances, making the nation less reliant on locomotives and coal, took their toll on Reading. In 1971, the Reading Railroad filed for bankruptcy, and no longer exists outside of Parker Brothers’ Monopoly game. At NAFA, we believe there are great days ahead again for Reading and Berks County. We see how smaller boroughs like Wyomissing are growing and we know that success can be replicated throughout the county with the proper approach. NAFA is ready to help the businesses driving a Berks County renaissance. We provide processes and tools to enhance efficiency and maximize company resources. We’re well aware of the daunting challenges businesses face, and we have proven solutions we’re ready to share.

Forensic accountants provide the clarity needed for business and litigation

Whether you are operating a business or pursuing litigation, you need accurate data that clearly tells the story you’re seeking to understand. The forensic accounting experts at NAFA provide much needed insight in a variety of ways, including:

  • Investigations — Our team is comprised of certified experts in fraud detection and investigation. We help companies investigate suspicious losses, as well as conduct that can jeopardize the smooth operation of the business, such as sexual harassment, abusive behavior towards subordinates, and misappropriation of assets.
  • Litigation support — In addition to investigations, our forensic experts perform economic loss calculations for a variety of business torts and insurance controversies. We present our findings in cogent reports, in plain English. We also assist with trial preparation and appear as expert witnesses, providing credible and highly professional testimony.
  • Transaction advisory services — If you are selling a company or acquiring a business asset, you need to know how much it’s worth. NAFA investigates financials to compile informative quality earnings reports, so you’ll know not only how much revenue the asset has generated, but how likely that revenue is to continue. We also perform business valuations for buyers and sellers, which present a clear picture of an asset’s worth as an ongoing concern or in a liquidation.
  • Internal audit — Do you know how well your internal audit department is performing? Our forensic accounting experts draw on decades of experience to evaluate performance. We produce incisive quality assessments. We can also oversee niche audits that your personnel may not have the experience to manage.
  • Ethics and compliance — NAFA believes in the power of culture to enhance efficiency and deter wasteful losses from fraud. We share proprietary tools and best practices for building an ethical corporate culture. We also help businesses implement compliance programs to qualify for protections under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

If your organization requires forensic accounting, litigation support, or internal audit services, the experts at NAFA can open the door to better outcomes.

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